Student stabs teacher in class in Chile


Santiago : A 16-year-old boy stabbed his teacher during an English class at a school in the Chilean capital, the police said.

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The incident occurred Tuesday during a morning class at the Pierre Teilhard de Chardin school in Santiago’s La Florida district.

The teacher, Loreto Villaseca, was stabbed in the lumbar region and an arm and was out of danger, doctors said.

School principal Raul Lizama said that according to other students in the class, the attacker, identified only by his initials J.P.M., got up from his desk holding a class worksheet and approached the teacher.

“He approached her with the worksheet and she said something to him, which made him immediately knock the teacher down. She started screaming and he stabbed her in the back and an arm with a knife that he took out of his pocket. It was a kind of derangement, because now (J.P.M.) says he doesn’t remember anything about it,” Lizama said.

The student started crying, the principal told reporters, and he immediately called the police and the boy’s parents.

Lizama said that the attacker had never shown any aggressive conduct and added that school authorities still haven’t decided what measures to take, because “the school community is upset”.

“Some students are known for aggressive behaviour, but in this case the minor does not have a bad record nor the kind of family life that would explain his conduct,” the principal said, and decided to suspend classes for the day and send the students home.