Handless Muslim girl pens new record using her feet as writer’s Hand


New Delhi : Thirteen year-old ‘differently-able’ girl Halima of Shahpur Muzaffar Nagar of UP in India, born on August 9, 1995, in a poor family of Kesarwa, was congenitally devoid of both hands.

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But as soon as he grew up her determination overpowered her disability. Now she is writing a new record of ambition by writing her papers with the help of her feet.

Halima’s father Momin told: “She had learnt writing with feet before going to school” Halima dexterously holds pen or brush between her leg fingers and writes and paints as easily as a normal child would do. She can even sew cloths with her feet.

Halima studied till class third at the village school. Then she studied in a Madrasa for next two years. But poverty stopped her education. After the establishment of Kasturba Gandhi Residential School in the locality a new hope kindled in her. Two years earlier, she was admitted to class sixth which she passed with high percentage.

At her level, Halima has good command over Hindi, English and Sanskrit beside Urdu languages. She can recite Qur’anic verses fluently. The handless girl is also appreciated for her skill in home decoration and painting work. Some say it is out of Allah’s special favour for her while others say it is her dedication and indomitable faith in human potential.