Pilibhit Sikhs rally in support Varun

By Rajat Rai, IANS,

Pilibhit : Terming charges against young Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Varun Gandhi as a political conspiracy, a section of the Sikh community in this Uttar Pradesh district deny that the controversial politician had said anything against any group.

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“A large number of Sikhs and Muslims made it a point to attend Varun’s rally. He has never said a word against any community, be it Sikhs or Muslims,” said Amarjit Singh, a farmer of Gajraula Patti village in Pilibhit.

Some members of the Sikh community gathered at a farm house Tuesday in support of Varun Gandhi, who has courted controversy after allegedly making inflammatory speeches against Muslims during his election rallies March 6 and 7.

According to the statistics by the district administration, there are over 90,000 Punjabi and Sikh voters in Pilibhit. The district has over one million voters. Sikh and Punjabis of this district are mainly farmers.

“We support Varun and reject and condemn all attempts to defame, malign and prosecute him. We stand behind the proud son of India,” said Virender Singh of Udaykaranpur village.

The gathering of over 100 representatives of the Sikh community from all parts of the district also saw a few Muslims backing Varun.

“It is a conspiracy by the Congress and the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party to pull down our rising star. The Congress does not want any other Gandhi to go above Rahul Gandhi,” said Aslam Quraishi of Puranpur village.

“If Varun has said anything about a community, why aren’t the leaders and members of that community protesting? It is totally a political conspiracy,” said another villager, Mahal Singh of Arjunpur.

“Maneka Gandhi has been our MP for the past five terms and we promise a huge victory for Varun also. Not only Sikhs and Punjabis, all the residents of Pilibhit support Varun,” said Buta Singh of Damgarhi village.

Varun Gandhi was jailed for the alleged hate speeches Saturday. He was later booked for inciting violence in the region.

He was granted bail by a court here in two criminal cases but will remain behind the bars as he also faces charges under the stringent National Security Act (NSA).