We won’t neglect Indian community, says Malaysian leader


Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) : Indians who had made significant contribution to Malaysia’s Sabah state would not be neglected, Chief Minister Musa Aman has assured the community.

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“We have always acknowledged the contributions of the community as they are entrepreneurs and successful businessmen as well as professionals,” Aman said Sunday while attending the 12th state level convention of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC).

The state government would continue to ensure that the welfare of all, including Indians, was not neglected.

He said Indians here had contributed greatly to the landslide victory for the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 2008 elections.

MIC’s state liason officer V. Jothi said the Indians in Sabah “feel that…their needs (are) taken care of, just as well as other races”.

Jothi said the BN government and the state government had been good to the Indian community in Sabah in terms of education, economy, health and freedom of religion.

“For instance, last year, the state allocated RM 160,000 ($50,000) for temples and places of worship for Indians. Two Indian students in Sabah were also granted scholarships to further their studies in the medical field.”

He said the generous nature of the state government had facilitated “a healthy political environment in the party with members not in the habit of being confrontational, jealous and suspicious of others”.

Sabah is a key state for Malaysia’s ethnic Indian community that accounts for seven percent of the multi-ethnic population of 28 million.