Appoint high-level panel to reinvestigate all terror blasts: PFI

By TCN News,

Bangalore: With Rajasthan ATS exposing the involvement of Hindu extremists in Ajmer as well as some other bomb blasts, Popular Front of India (PFI) has demanded central government to appoint a high-level panel consisting of jurists, investigating officers and human rights activists to reinvestigate all blasts that took place after 1992 in different parts of the country .

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Notably, after Malegaon blast in which Sadhvi and Purohit were involved, it is one of the cases in which Hindu terrorists and Hindutva organizations have been named directly by the police for involvement otherwise after every such incident innocent Muslims were targeted.

“The investigation of Ajmer blast has exposed the involvement of Hindutva organization in the blast. The success of Rajasthan police in cracking the Ajmer blast case has given legitimacy to the fact that Hindutva organizations are engaged in terrorist activities across the country. The investigation has also exposed the link between the blasts at Malegaon, Makkah Masjid and Ajmer. It also pointed out the involvement of Hindutva outfits in Jaipur and Samjhauta Express blasts” said a release from PFI.

While appreciating the role of ATS for arresting the real culprits in Ajmer case, PFI expressed that a pro-active monitoring of Hindutva organizations such as RSS along with its various wings and Sanathan Sangathan would have prevented such blasts from happening.

“The blast at the house of RSS activist at Nanded, blast in Malegaon, blast at Bajrang Dal activist’s house at Kanpur, the pipe bomb attack on RSS office in Tenkasi and blast at Goa are some examples in which names of members of Hindutva organizations were revealed but these didn’t receive serious attention from Police. The recent case where an ex-army personnel Rajashekharan Nair was held for transporting explosive materials in Kingfisher airlines plane in Thiruvananthapuram has strengthened the point” the release reads.

“Though only few cases have come to light so far, PFI believe that an independent probe will bring into light all buried truths about different blasts. Therefore, it strongly reiterates its demand to appoint a high-level panel to reinvestigate all bomb blasts” it added.