Bomb threat on Canada-bound plane proves to be hoax


Vancouver : A Canada-bound passenger aircraft from Kuala Lumpur was escorted by fighter jets to the international airport here after it received a bomb threat.

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Two CF18 Hornet jets were sent to intercept the Vancouver-bound Cathay Pacific Airbus Saturday afternoon after there was a report of a security threat involving the plane, North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) officials said Sunday.

The operation, however, was only a precautionary measure.

“In this case, only as a precaution did we intercept and escort the aircraft until it landed safely,” Maj. Holly Apostoliuk, with the Canadian NORAD Region headquarters, was quoted as saying by the Vancouver Sun.

The plane was searched on landing, after the passengers had safely disembarked. No one was injured and no bomb was found, said Alisa Cooper, a spokesperson for Vancouver International Airport.

The passengers on board the flight were, however, unaware of what was going on.

Jing Vance, 57, and her daughters Erica and Candace were on the flight, when Candace, sitting next to a window, saw a fighter jet flying next to the plane.

Everyone present in the plane said it was really interesting and started taking pictures, Jing said.

Later, when they landed, security personnel came to the baggage claim area and surrounded it. The bags were returned only after they were all thoroughly searched by airport security.