President Hosni Mubarak should go forthwith: SDPI

By Pervez Bari,,

Bhopal: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), while expressing deep concern over the deteriorating condition in Egypt following violent clashes has demanded that President Hosni Mubarak should step down without any delay so that further bloodshed could be avoided.

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The SDPI national President Mr. E. Abubacker in a statement said that with the eruption of violence between the pro and anti-Mubarak protesters the situation in Egypt has now become very edgy. After more than a week of standoff the members of the police system in civilian costumes, in collaboration with bullies and thugs using weapons have started terrorizing the peaceful protestors. The Army which played a great role in maintaining peace last week has now joined hands with the harassers to kill the protestors.

Mr. Abubacker said the world cannot afford to adopt a watch and wait approach to the protests as political and economic instability worsens. The World leaders – and particularly those from the African Union – must speak truth to power by telling President Mubarak he needs to relinquish office immediately without shedding further blood, he stressed.

It is the beginning of a people’s movement in Arab world for the rights of people. People want freedom from tyranny, the statement added. Moral support of the people of India will always be there in support of struggles for freedom and human rights. ([email protected])