Detention of riot victims exposes the real face of Modi: Welfare Party

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The Welfare Party of India strongly condemned detention of social activist Mallika Sarabhai and riot victims of Naroda Patiya by police while taking out a protest march against Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s fast for “communal harmony”. Naroda Patiya, about 8 km from the fast site at Gujarat University Convention Hall, had suffered the worst ever riots incident in 2002 communal riots and had lost more than 90 people.

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P.C. Hamza, General Secretary of the Party in a statement said that with this detention the “5-star fast of the Gujarat Chief Minister held at the centrally air conditioned Convention Hall has proved without doubt to lack sense and sincerity.”

“The real face of Modi’s Sadbhavana is now exposed. He is still on the fascist track of denying democratic right to dissent. The detention of Mallika Sarabhai and the riot victims have shown that there is no sign of ease for the policy of coercion, bullying and buying of police officials, victims and witnesses of the riots, social and human rights activists, that has been witnessed during the last ten years at varying stages of probe and court proceedings of the pogrom that took the lives of more than 2000 people, most of them from the minority Muslim community. Modi has not expressed explicitly even at this time a fragment of remorse for what happened during 2002. Hundreds of victims, who lost their kith and kin with all their belongings, with nothing to prove their identity, still languish in relief dwellings unable to return to their places of original habitation. All these make the fast devoid of sincerity”, Hamza said.