Sarfaraz: The unsung hero, rest in Peace!

By Abhijeet Tiwde

Mumbai: Just around the time when the Media bashing of the average Mumbaikar’s indifference that led to the murder of Kennan and Reuben was beginning to die down, on a quiet Monday afternoon of November 28th, 2011 the residents of Sanpada witnessed yet another horrifying incident not too different from the previous one unfolding right outside Sanpada station.

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A 16 year old boy was being beaten up mercilessly by a mob of 15 to 20. Just when it seemed that the average Mumbaikar would once again play the mute spectator, a young fruit vendor named Sarfaraz moved with compassion for the 16 year old stepped forward into the thick of the wild mob, pleading for mercy while simultaneously attempting to stop the attackers.

In a fit of rage one of the attackers fatally stabbed Sarfaraj thrice which he finally succumbed to since it was too late before he could be rushed to the Hospital.

While Keenan and Reuben’s death received such continual publicity for their act of bravery, the news of Sarfaraz’s death sadly surfaced for only a day in the newspapers. Without demeaning or belittling the death of Keenan and Reuben, it is important to note that while they acted out of duty towards those they knew and loved, Sarfaraz on the other hand like the Good Samaritan acted out of compassion for a complete stranger.

While the sacrifice of Keenan and Reuben received accolades and posthumous awards for bravery, the sacrifice of Sarfaraz went unnoticed. While the loved ones of Keenan and Reuben were interviewed severally by leading media channels, till date no news reporter or politician or even any humanitarian organization has made any contact with Sarfaraj’s family. Not even the family of the 16 year old boy, who was rescued has not bothered to visit Sarfaraz’s bereaved family to condole them.

Sarfaraz’s parents who were away on a haj pilgrimage at the time when this incident occured, are still longing to know about the very last moments of their son’s life before he breathed his last as they couldn’t be by his side. There is still no consolation to their grief.

Everyone seems to have overlooked the fact that Sarfaraz was the sole bread winner of the family. Besides his old parents, a younger sister still studying in college and a younger brother who is mentally challenged were all dependants on Sarfaraj.
What Sarfaraz did was what every responsible citizen is obliged to do out of moral duty. To give due recognition and honor to Sarfaraz’s sacrifice and support to his grieving family is an onus that rests upon all of us as members of a conscientious society.

Media is in many ways called to play the conscience of our society since they are the sentinel of our civil liberties, and therefore we appeal to all media to come forward and bring this matter to the fore. Let us each of us do our part in giving Sarfaraz’s sacrifice the due it deserves.

(Sabir Bhai, father of Sarfaraz can be contacted on 09322089559)