Probe the role of IB in Bodh Gaya blasts: Rihai Manch

    Muslim groups advise media to restrain from drawing any conclusion till probe is over.

    By TCN News,

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    New Delhi: While condemning the Bodh Gaya serial blasts, Rihai Manch (Forum for the Release of Innocent Muslims imprisoned in the name of Terrorism) has deamnded a probe in the role of Intelligence Bureau.

    Rihai Manch spokesperson said that they had predicted last week only that since the name of senior IB officers are coming in the Ishrat Jahan fake encoutner case, there might be another ‘staged’terror attack to divert the country’s attention from the case and to build a kind of conciousness agaisnt terrorism.

    Rihai Manch has been fighting for the release of Muslim youths arrested on fabricated terror charges. For the last 47 days they are sitting on n indefinite dharna outside the UP Assembly demanding arrest of police officers involved in Khalid Mujahid’s murder, issuing the RD Nimesh commission report and action report, and the immediate release of innocent Muslim youth imprisoned in the name of terrorism.

    Meanwhile, all the leading Muslim organisations, inckuding Jamaat e Islami, Jamiat e Ullema Hind, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, have condemned the attack on the Buddhist’s religious place Mahabodhi temple in Gaya, Bihar.

    AIMMM President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan described the attack as cowardly and utterly inhuman. He sent his condolences to the Mahabodhi temple priests and to the Buddhist community at home and abroad and wished a quick recovery to the innocents injured in the terrorist attack. He said we have all the goodwill for our Buddhist brothers and sisters and want the best of relations with them all over the world.

    Dr Khan condemned the “Mayanmar angle” which has been quickly propped up by some politicians and mediamen, saying there is no indication that there is any call or urge that innocents in our country should be attacked for the crime of a few misguided persons in another country.

    Dr Khan asked the national media to desist from irresponsible, wild and hasty speculation that the so-called “Indian Mujahidin” is behind the attack. Media should behave in a responsible manner and allow the security and intelligence expert do their work without pressure to come up with quick results without proper investigations.