Parties condemn Maoist violence in one voice

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : The May 25 Maoist strike on Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh was an attack on democracy and India will not accept the pernicious doctrine, said an all-party resolution Monday, condemning the incident.

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    “It was an attack on democracy, freedom, and free speech and expression. The Indian state cannot, and will not, accept the pernicious Maoist doctrine,” said the resolution passed at an all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to finetune the government’s strategy to deal with the issue.

    Noting that the CPI-Maoist is an unlawful organisation and has indulged in senseless acts of violence targeting security personnel, alleged police informers, small business people and government servants, the resolution said that the May 25 strike was a pre-meditated attack on political workers to intimidate and overawe all political workers in that region.

    “Nothing can be more dangerous to our republic than the insurgency of the CPI-Maoist in the pursuit of its misguided goal of overthrowing parliamentary democracy and the constitution through violent means,” it said.

    “The CPI-Maoist must give up the path of violence and destruction and there can be no compromise on this,” it added.

    “We assure them that the governments will be sensitive to their concerns and redress any sense of alienation and the injustices of the past. We will make every effort to accelerate development, social inclusion and economic empowerment,” said the resolution.

    Stating that the centre and the states should adopt the two-pronged strategy of sustained operations to clear areas of Maoist influence and pursue effective governance and rapid development, the resolution urged the governments to use all legitimate means to defend the security of the country and its institutions and quell armed insurgency and violence.

    “We also urge the state governments to draw upon their own resources as well as the resources provided by the central government to re-establish the rule of law and accelerate development activities in the affected states,” said the resolution.