‘Time to revisit Sarat Chandra Bose’s ideology’

    By IANS,

    Kolkata: Describing Sarat Chandra Bose, elder brother of the legendary Subhas Chandra Bose, as a true national hero, international historian Leonard A. Gordon Tuesday said contemporary India needs to revisit his ideals of separation of religion from politics.

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    “Overshadowed by his own younger brother (Subhas) and neglected by history, Sarat was a true national hero who vehemently opposed the division of the country on the basis of religion,” Gordon said delivering the first Sarat Chandra Bose lecture on his 125th birth anniversary at the Bose’ ancestral house here.

    “I think its time India revisits, his ideologies of separation of religion from politics, respect for other communities and religion as well as equality among the people of the country,” said Gordon who penned “Brothers Against The Raj”, a joint biography of Sarat and Subhas Bose.

    Hailing Sarat Bose for efficiently essaying multiples roles of a family man, a freedom fighter, a barrister and a doting elder brother, Gordon blamed his serious differences with the Congress national leadership for his remaining “neglected in history”.

    “Despite contributing immensely toward the society, his contributions have not been recognised. He continues to be neglected and forgotten much like the way he was deserted in his life time by his close associates because of his serious differences with Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and other central Congress leadership,” said Gordon.

    “He (Sarat) could not, even after the partition, give up the idea of a united Bengal. He believed that by creating an international boundary, the problems of the two communities will not be solved. He remained consistent with his belief of one India with many communities and religions,” said Gordon.

    The historian who has been visiting the Bose family for long also described Sarat Bose’s bonding with Subhas Bose as a mystery.

    “They were 14 siblings but Sarat and Subhas had developed and continued for long, a very close bonding. But the reason for their closeness is a mystery. Sarat’s wife often complained that the only person who matters for her husband is Subhas,” added Gordon.