I am team worker, skilled in HR, says Modi

New Delhi : BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Thusday said that he was “a team worker” and human resource management was in his blood.

In an interview on Times Now news channel, Modi also said that composition of his cabinet, if BJP wins the Lok Sabha election, will be decided by the party.

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Answering a query on perception that he centralises decisions, Modi said that his track record as Gujarat chief minister provides an answer.

Modi said that all the credit he was given for the development of Gujarat was wrong as it is the team that delivers.

“You will be surprised to see that I essentially do not have any work in the government. For 14 years, I have had no work. I do not have to do any government work, I delegate it to my team. All the ministers have their professional freedom, but we do sit down every week for a discussion where we evaluate our situation and then move ahead,” he said.

Modi said he believed every idea must be institutionalised.

He said following 2002 riots, there was talk of Gujarat being in a desperate situation, where there was no investment in the state.

“I decided to tackle the situation head on. By 2003, I got everything ready for heavy publicity, with a view that I will bring investors back into Gujarat… We worked hard for some 8-9 months at a stretch, everyday we would hold exhaustive meetings.

“In 2005, I attended about 2-4 meetings and in 2007 they (his team) would come and brief me. In 2009, 2011, 2013, I have only gone to Vibrant Gujarat summit for its inauguration,” Modi said.

“Basically, I am a team worker and human resource management is in my blood and so optimum utilisation of the resources be it human, time or monetary resources, I am gifted by the Almighty in that respect,” he added.