4 Jamia students get scholarships to Taiwan

By Mahmood Asim, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: Four students of Jamia Millia Islamia have won scholarships to Taiwan. Two of them will pursue masters in International Business, while two others are going for the language programme. It is to be mentioned that last year Jamia launched a one year intensive post-graduate certificate programme in Chinese language.

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Out of 8 students selected from central universities, including IIT Delhi and Chennai, for the Masters in International Business course, two students Haris Al Noman and Kapil Tanwar are from Jamia. Taiwan scholarship is given for Masters and PhD students.

4 Jamia students get scholarships to Taiwan

Two other students from Jamia, Ali Mohsin and Mohd Shahzad have been selected for the Huayu scholarship for the language course. A total of 25 students from across the country have got this scholarship this year.

Speaking to TwoCircles.net, Haris al Noman who got scholarship to pursue International Masters in International Communication Studies (IMICS) expressed his pleasures and gratitude to Jamia and Taiwan Embassy and said, “By the virtue of this scholarship I will get exposure of international media organizations that will help me in my career.”

Lauding the efforts of his teacher and Taiwan Embassy, he added, “With strong cooperation Jamia can get more opportunities for its students, we need to explore it more.”

Kapil Tanwar, another student who will go Taiwan to pursue Masters in International Commerce and business also seemed very confident that the international exposures will help him in his pursuits. Speaking to TCN, Kapil said, “It is a kind of study-cum- training programme for me,” adding, “it is an opportunity for us provided by Jamia and we should use available resources to get more benefits and build a career.”