Ramadan 1437: Abdul Hameed

Abdul Hameed

By Asif Khan, TwoCircles.net

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“There wasn’t as much emphasis on Taraweeh in my youth. Or at least, it wasn’t as visible.” Abdul Hameed muses about a time about half a century ago, as he sits in his tailoring establishment with a couple of friends. He talks about how in recent years, the practices of Ramadan have started taking on a nature that can be termed as exhibitionist by some. But he’s quick to say that there’s nothing really wrong as long as it’s being done with a pure intent.

“It was around ‘58 or ‘60,” he continued while digging at memory, “I was in my mid-twenties when I offered Taraweeh prayers spread over three days.” He remembers there were Taraweeh sessions which concluded in the course of a single night. Though now, that’s discouraged, and he says that most places Taraweeh for less than three days is frowned upon.

Now he sees Taraweeh being organised at residences and godowns or any large private spaces. With modern-day comforts of air-conditioning and soft carpets, followed by snacks. Not just mosques like it was earlier. “But you know what,” he thinks looking in the distance with a smile, “with all the emphasis on Taraweeh which is Sunnah, the same folks still don’t give as much attention to what is Fard five times a day.”

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