For Adil Ashraf Khan, fasting is no excuse to stop exercising

By Raqib Hameed Naik,

Jammu: Ten years ago, Adil Ashraf Khan was a slim 18-year-old boy from Bahu fort, a locality in Jammu. Never had he imagined that six years later, trying his luck at state-level power lifting competition and finishing third would herald a career that would see him break state records back to back in Strength lifting and Power lifting.

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Adil Ashraf Khan

Adil Ashraf Khan

Adil, now 28, has never looked back since; in the past four years, he has won more than 100 medals, trophies in various state and national power lifting competition, including being nominated as “state-level strongman” and highest total lifter of tournament for two years in a row.

At National level, he has created 3 records in the two-hand curl, inclined bench curl and hack lift.

This year also he won the title of “J&K Power man” in power lifting creating record of highest bench press of lifting 200 Kg.

Besides being a poster boy of power lifting,Adil also owns a health club in Gujjar Nagar Locality of Jammu, which has more than 300 registered members.

Adil working out in gym.

Round the year, he works out in gym for 4-5 hours on average but schedule changes substantially during the holy month of Ramadan. From diet to working hours, everything comes under a drastic change.

“In Ramadan, due to fasting, I work out light and only thrice a week in gym. Otherwise it is usually heavy work out and six days a week. In my terminology, Ramadan is a lifting off season,” says Adil.

He fasts for whole month and manages his schedule in such a way, that he doesn’t miss Salat and Taraweeh.He closes gym before Taraweeh, whereas during the rest of the year it remains open until 11 pm.

The dietary plan also changes with inclusion of more liquid and protein shakes, and so does the music. Like most other gyms, he too plays Trance music, but this too remains shut for the month of Ramadan. “Everything goes on in silence during Ramadan,” he adds.

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