JUH led the massive protest in support of Rohingya Muslims

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On Thursday, thousands of people held a protest demonstration against the ongoing persecution and worst ever exodus of Rohingya Muslims and others in Myanmar.

Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-I-Hind, was leading the protest demonstration held under its Delhi chapter unit at Jantar Mantar near the Parliament House.

On this occasion, a memorandum was submitted to Secretary General of United Nation, Minister of Home Affairs, Government of India and to the Ambassador and Embassy of Myanmar at New Delhi.

While addressing the massive gathering, Maulana Mahmood Madani pressed upon the international community, especially the UN, to take practical action against the Myanmar Government instead of merely passing buck and condemnational statement. He urged the international community to impose economic blockade against the Myanmar, like it did in case of North Korea.

Maulana Madani also criticized the approach of the Indian Government towards the Rohingya refugee living in the country.

“May be Indian government, either due to its politics or cheap mentality or helplessness, is ready to defame India but Indian people cannot defame their country. India is known for standing with the oppressed but today it is with oppressors. It is condemnable,” he said.

Madani also said that the attitude of the Indian government is defaming our image among comity of the nations.

“On one hand, India aspires to become a permanent member of UN Security Council, but on the other hand, human blood is spilling over in the neighborhood and India is siding with oppressors. Then how such a country can become a member of the UN Security Council? ” asked Madani. “Is this the Vasudhaiva kutumbakam ( the whole world is one family)? Indian government must change its policy and protect the image of India.”

Leaders from other Muslim organizations including Navaid Hamid, President at All India Muslim Majlis-e -Mashawarat; Zafarul Islam Khan, Chairman at Delhi Minority Commission; Maulana Niaz Ahmad Faruqi, Maulana Abid Qasmi, Firoz Ahmad Bakht, Maulana Ali Hasan Gujarati, Maulana Raees Khan Noori were also present in the rally to raise their voice in favour of Rohingyas.