JK Governor’s New Year Message

Sinha sets out agenda for peace, stability

By News Agency of Kashmir

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Jammu : Notwithstanding the gloomy development in the neighbourhood, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Lt. General (Retd) S K Sinha today has raised an ardent hope for violence-free subcontinent in the year to dawn, with both India and Pakistan playing key role to resolutely fight terrorism.

‘Kashmir has bled profusely at the hands of foreign sponsored terrorists, who tried but failed to trample its rich ethos’, the Governor said in his New Year message, adding that ironically the demon of terror is now rebounding back and shaking the foundations of the soil from where it operated.

‘It is not the time to trace the genesis of terrorism; it is also not the time to put blame on anyone but it is an occasion when we must determination the grit and demonstration to fight back elements inimical to peace and set the agenda with renewed understanding to infuse a sense of security to our peoples’, he added.

The Governor said that like the past nearly two decades, 2007 continued to be a year of suffering on account of senseless violence, albeit on a much reduced scale. The situation has improved considerably; he said abnd added that he was earnestly praying that in the New Year the State emerges out of the dark tunnel of violence into the bright shine of peace and prosperity. The State Government has made tremendous efforts and taken great strides towards development of the State, he maintained.

The General reaffirmed his belief that the composite culture of Jammu and Kashmir is the strongest weapon to defeat the cult of violence and said: “Let us all vow together to revive our unique heritage of amity and brotherhood enshrined in Kashmiryat. A great future awaits the State as the crown of India and as the paradise on earth”, he added.

While greeting and extending good wishes to the people, the Governor also expressed sympathies with the families who lost their near and dear ones in the senseless killing during the year. He passionately desired that the New Year brings cheer to the people and herald in a new era of peace, progress and stability in the State.