Every cloud has a silver lining

After the darkest of dark clouds of uncertainty prevailing over AMU, the acting Vice Chancellor Prof Saleem Uddin has taken a courageaous and bold step to appoint a very competent team of administrators (Registrar-Prof. Jawed Masarrat; Controller of Exams – Prof. Akhtar Haseeb; and Proctor- Prof Muzaffar Ahmad Siddiqui), to beam a ray of hope among the student community. I take this opportunity to congratulate the VC and all the newly appointed stalwarts, for accepting the challenge and wish that their dedicated efforts will shed all fears among students and their parents.

On priority basis, I hope, they will achieve the following tasks:

Support TwoCircles

1.All exams are held smoothly and peacefully within specified time frame.

2.I request one and all to fully support and cooperate with them, even if they need to deploy forces in the campus for smooth and peaceful functioning until complete normalcy returns.

3.All meetings are held on the stipulated dates and the procedure for the selection of new VC is initiated and the list of proposed panel is forwarded to the visitor as early as possible.

4.The guilty should be identified and punished.

5.All hostels should be vacated and students should reach their home safely after their exams are over. This is must for cleansing and quarantine purposes of the campus and residential halls.

6.Last but not the least, to prove their mettle and tell the community that yes, the academicians can do no less than the civil servants.

Once again I congratulate the acting Vice Chancellor and his team of administrators for shouldering the responsibility at the need of the hour and wish that May Allah help them to achieve their mission and bring laurels to our Alma Mater.

With kind regards,

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad "Badshah"