Deploy army, sack Orissa govt: Mushawarat

By news desk

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan expressed his anguish over the continuing Hindutva violence against hapless Christians in a number of Orissa districts.

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In addition to burning and demolishing many houses, churches, orphanages and other Christian properties and even police stations, the Hindutva goons have already killed 20 Christians in an area which has seen saffron violence for years. It included such gruesome incidents as the burning to death of Pastor Staines and his children in January 1999. Last December too the same area had seen Hindutva orgy which went largely unpunished.

The head of AIMMM, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, condemned the carnage which is being committed with tacit approval of the state government in which the Hindutva party is a junior partner. He observed that the attacks on a hapless minority are taking place on the pattern perfected in Gujarat 2002. Armed goondas are moving from one place to another fearless of any police or army intervention.

AIMMM chief demanded the immediate deployment of the army to control the situation and sacking of the current state government which has time and again failed to protect the Christian minority from attacks by people connected to its junior partner in government.

The AIMMM chief urged the central government to ban the Hindutva terrorist organisation Bajrang Dal which plays the central role in such violence and has been caught red-handed time and again making bombs and giving armed training to its cadres in many parts of the country.

Dr Khan observed that the violence erupted after the murder of a VHP leader. His killers should be nabbed and brought to justice but no one should be allowed to take the law into his hands. The Hindutvites think they can do this with impunity.