PML-N urges Israel to immediately end blockade of Gaza Strip


Islamabad : The Spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Siddiqul Farooq on Wednesday urged Israel to end blockade of Gaza strip as early as possible and respect the legitimate fundamental rights of the people of Palestine .

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Talking to IRNA, he asked the community of nations to take immediate cognizance of the barbaric act of Israel that has left 1.5 million Palestinians in miserable condition.

On Nov 14, 2008, Gaza was blockaded by Israel, leaving 1.5 million people without food, power, heat and water.

Siddiqul Farooq also called for collective efforts of all Muslim countries of the world to help resolve the long-standing issue of Palestine according to the aspirations of the people of Palestine .

He said that Israel must vacate all occupied territory of Palestine without any further delay.

Siddiqul Farooq was of the view that every sane citizen of the globe expects that the US, the whole west and all the UN member countries would evolve with an effective policy to pressurize Israeli government to put an end to the blockade of Gaza strip.

He said that the US and the whole of the West should respect the fundamental rights of Palestinian people.

The genuine citizens of Palestine must be given their fundamental rights enshrined in the UN charter, added Farooq.

He urged all the Muslim countries to be united to put pressure on Israel to get the rights of besieged people of Gaza.

Siddiq-ul-Farooq said that Israel has been victimizing the Muslims people in Gaza without any reason and the west has become a silent spectator on the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians.