To Wear or Not To Wear Islamic Veil, Turkey

By Prensa Latina

Istanbul : The legal proceeding to allow the use of the Islamic veil at Turkish universities went to the Head of State for its approval.

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Although constitutional reforms were approved by 411 of the 550 deputies and President Abdullah Gul will for sure approve them, main opposition party CHP (the Republican of the Peoples) impugned them before constitutional court.

CHP insists on the fact that legal modification goes against the principle of laicism, one of the pillars of the Republic, according to article 2 of current Constitution, which cannot be amended.

The paradox occurs when saying that current Constitution was imposed by military staff, main agitator of all actions against current government, after the coup d’etat carried out in 1980.

Now, if constitutional court interprets that the propose amendments undermine the mentioned article and decides to annul them, many will think that Turkey will be dragged to political chaos.

If the court adopts the demands of CHP our democracy will be non sense, the President of the legislative group of the governmental Party of Justice and Development (AKP) Bekir Bozdag assured, because it would mean that the court plays the role of the Parliament.

According to Bozdag, there are no technical arguments to reject the parliamentary vote.

Likewise, former President of the Association of Human rights of Turkey IHD Yusuf Alatas assured that if the constitution prevents changes from happening, it would be equivalent to say that no law can be approved in Turkey if that court does not authorize it.