Spanish Vote in March

By Prensa Latina

Madrid : The Spanish Minister Council will approve in an extraordinary session on Monday the call to general elections on March 9 to renew the Congress.

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With that approval and publication of the document on Tuesday in the Official Bulletin, the electoral schedule will start and the courts will remain dissolved until the election conclusion, when the Parliament will be renewed.

The difference between the two main Spanish political parties, with a view to the elections on March 9, was reduced to three points in the past month, according to a poll published on Tuesday in Madrid.

The survey published by the SER information company revealed that government PSOE (Spanish Socialist Labor Party) has 43 percent of the electors’ vote intention, two more points than in December.

The opposition PP (People’s Party) increased 2.5 in that period, to reach 40 percent and reduce its disadvantage to just three points, being considered by experts a technical tie.

Of the rest of the groups involved in the contest, Izquierda Unida was favored by 3.5 percent of support, followed by Convergencia and Union, with three percent, Esquerra Republicana, 1.5 percent, and Basque Partido Nacionalista, 1.4 percent.

According to the same poll, Spanish government President, PSOE leader and candidate, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero enjoys 5.2 of 10 points among the electors.

However, opposition PP runner Mariano Rajoy won 4.2 percent.

The investigation shows that 58 out of 100 Spaniards consider Rodriguez Zapatero as the winner of the March 9 elections, contrary to 22 out of 100 that favor Rajoy.