US drone attack condemns as death toll hikes


Islamabad : Pakistan’s major Islamic party has condemned the US drone attack on the tribal region of South Waziristan, which killed at least 20 persons. The missiles were fired late last night when the local militants were gathered for offering prayers for a colleague.

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A local Taliban commander Haji Umar was among those killed, official sources said.

This is the 70th violation of Pakistan’s sovereign territory by the US and NATO forces and 34th in the last seven months of the present regime, deputy chief of Jamaat-i-Islami, Senator Prof.

Khurshid Ahmad said.

It is very clear, Professor Khurshid is of the view, that the US is trying to frustrate Parliament’s effort to find a peaceful and negotiated solution to the problem and ensure peace and tranquility in this region.

The Jamaat leader also expressed his disappointment over the Prime Minister’s weak statement simply taking exception to this highly outrageous attack on our sovereignty.

“Simply calling this disastrous without asking the Army to firmly retaliate them, is not understandable,” he said.

“People are beginning to ask whether this is some kind of understanding or simple covardice! The Government must come out clearly on this issue implementing the Parliament’s unanimous statement and ask the Armed Forces to defend sovereignty of the country at every cost”, he stressed.

Professor Khurshid Ahmad also expressed his disgust, horror and resentment on the statement of the Inspector General of the paramilitary force that the Military operation in Bajaur will continue.

“Their clarification has not explained what prompted the official to make such an outrageous public statement after a resolution of the Parliament and the statement of the army chief to implement the wish and command of the Parliament”.