Islam not a threat says Malaysian PM Najib

By NNN-Bernama,

Brussels : Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has conveyed to the international community that Islam is not a threat and that Islamophobia is often fuelled by extremists in all religions.

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He said the international community could look towards Malaysia as a living example of how people of different religions could co-exist in harmony.

Speaking at a media roundtable attended by international news organisationsbased here, Najib said conflicts existed not between religions but between theextremists and the moderates of all religions.

“Islam should not be a problem as long as there are moderates in all religions,” he said.

Islam was among the subjects raised during the roundtable and Najib was asked about how Malaysia could address perceptions towards the religion among the European community in the wake of the Europe-Malaysia free trade agreementnegotiations, to be launched here Tuesday.

Najib said it would be good if the European community could engage indialogues with moderate Islamic countries like Malaysia.

Saying that he did not condone extremism, Najib said the key to solvingIslamophobia was to find a long-term solution to the Palestinian issue.

He added that the fate of the Palestinian people, who were deprived of theirrights, “strikes a chord among the Muslim world.”

“Some people feel that if there is no hope left, then what is there tolive for,” he said, adding that once the Palestinian problems were resolved, terrorism would subside.