Durga idol out of waste material in Bengal


Kolkata : With the countdown having begun for West Bengal’s greatest cultural extravaganza Durga Puja, a private radio channel has come up with a unique initiative of making the goddess’s idol from bio-degradable and recyclable waste material.

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A 35-day campaign on the concept ‘Maa Durga Dushono Nashini’ (Goddess Durga destructor of pollution), with a fabricated branded centre moving across the city, will enlist people’s participation in building a community voicing their concern against pollution.

The people will be asked to reciprocate through token participation of donating bio-recyclable and bio-degradable waste at the branded centre.

“A centre will move across various localities and collect bio-recyclable and bio-degradable waste such as plastics, jute and papers.

“We will also raise awareness among the masses about pollution and its ill effects,” said OYE 104.8 FM marketing executive Sudeep Das.

After 20 days of community-connect drive campaign, the branded centre will be transformed into a mobile studio where the Durga idol would be taking shape out of bio-recyclable and bio-degradable waste.

“A six feet by six feet idol will be made of the bio-degradable waste and mud and other materials,” Das said.

Once complete, the idol will be installed at City Centre 1 in Kolkata’s posh satellite township of Salt Lake during the five days of Durga Puja Oct 2-6. The idol will be worshipped on all these days according to the Hindu scriptures.

Das added that after the Durga Puja, they would try to reach out to the various community Puja organising clubs of Kolkata and urge them to take up the unique concept.