Uttar Pradesh’s final voter list by Jan 31

    By IANS,

    Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh’s final voters lists ahead of the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls will be published Jan 31, officials said Wednesday.

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    Chief Election Officer Umesh Sinha said the earlier deadline of Jan 10 was being postponed as poll officials were getting the voters lists checked and re-checked to ensure there is no duplication. He said that it has been found that duplication of voters still existed at some places.

    “We are doing a threadbare scrutiny of every aspect before finalising the voter list and hence there is a small delay,” he said.

    According to the Election Commission of India guidelines, a final lists of voters are to be prepared and published taking into account all the voters who are 18 year old as on Jan 1, 2014.

    In the last one year, the voters lists finalisation deadline has been extended many times to plug lacunae and ensure foolproof and comprehensive voters lists, officials said.

    In the final phase, which is expected to go on till Jan 25, efforts are being made to zero in on names of voters that have been registered at different places and to ensure that new and first-time voters are included in the final voting list, officials added.