From being spoilt for choices to the dark mafia world

    By IANS,

    From the dark world of criminals to the world of choices and divorces, the IANS book stack this weekend has works on these topics, along with one that takes you away from the humdrums of daily city life to the breezy environs of Goa.

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    1. Book: Draupadi in High Heels; Author: Aditi Kotwal; Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads; Pages: 216; Price: Rs 150

    Owner of an elite fashion store, Deeya is a rich, spoilt girl whose parents want to get her married off at the earliest. In an attempt to find her the best groom, her parents want her to hold a ‘swayamvar’ of sorts, which lands her in a quandary. Her problem: who to chose, the intriguing or the dashing?

    Determined to make the best decision, Deeya soon realises that her life is not very different from Draupadi in more ways than one.

    A funny novel that examines the power of choices and its after-effects.

    2. Book: Moving to Goa; Author: Katharina Kakar; Publisher: Penguin Viking; Pages: 227; Price: Rs. 499

    A gripping memoir by Kakar, the book is a tasteful blend of a travelogue and history. Giving a thoughtful peek into the Goan history and society, the book presents Goa with all its “paradoxes and problems, its seductive pleasures and its unique charm”.

    Kakar, who moved to Goa with her writer-husband Sudhir Kakar a decade ago, offers all of Goa’s past and contemporary glory.

    3. Book: Ghalib Danger; Author: Neeraj Pandey; Publisher: Penguin Books; Price: Rs Rs 250

    Penned by the director of movies like “A Wednesday” and “Special 26” this book traces the journey of young Kamran Khan, from being a taxi driver to becoming ‘Ghalib Driver’ – to criminals, police and even cabinet ministers.

    Khan’s life changes after he saves Mirza, a don, from being killed. As payback, Mirza takes Khan under his wing, drawing him into the dark and dangerous world of mafia.

    4. Book: The Diary of a Reluctant Feminist; Author: Bhavna Bhavna; Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 197; Price: Rs 299

    An entertaining chronicle of a young woman’s attempt to get divorced on grounds of incompatibility who faces greater opposition from her old-fashioned, middle-class Punjabi parents than from her in-laws and husband.

    A humorous account, this book is for all those who have been scared to confide the truth about themselves to their parents.