Gujrat’s Thakor community bans inter caste marriage and mobile phone for unmarried girls

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The Thakor community, in a meeting held in Jegol village, Gujrat, on Sunday came up with a 9 point diktat to be followed strictly by the Thakor community in nearly 12 villages of Dantewada taluka in Banaskantha district like  Kotda, Gaguda, Odwa, Hariyawada, Marpuria, Shergarh, Talepura, Randol, Ratanpur, Danari and Velavas

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Among the rules decided by the elders of the community who were nearly 800 in number, two rules that stand out are one that prohibits unmarried girls from using a mobile phone and another prohibition of inter-caste marriages.

If any girl is seen using a mobile phone then her father will be fined and the family will be held responsible.

And if any girl marries a boy from another community the father will have to pay a fine of Rs.1.5 lakhs and if the boy marries a girl from another community (other than Thakor community) the father will be fined with RS.2 lakhs.

The elders of the community and even a congress MLA of that region have appreciated these rules. The motive behind banning mobile phones for unmarried girls is to prevent inter-caste marriages. Through the usage of mobile phones the girls fall in love with boys from other communities and eventually elope to get married.

Other rules include avoiding DJs for weddings and other extravagant expenses at wedding ceremonies.

One political leader of the Thakor community from the Vav village is of the opinion that banning mobiles is for the good of the girls as phones tend to distract them from their studies. On the other hand the boys are free to use mobile phones and have no such restrictions.

This is not the first time such rules have been framed for girls alone. Some years back, some villages in Bihar and Haryana.