Unity Circle

We are proud of the fact that India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. India is a colourful canvas portraying a unique assimilation of ethnic groups displaying varied cultures and religions. India is home to Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity. The Indian culture varies like its vast geography. India has recognised 22 different languages and hundreds of dialects that add to the multilingual nature of the country.

India’s diversity has always been recognised as a source of its strength. British tried to subvert India’s “Unity in Diversity” by propagating own theory of “Divide and Rule”. Unity and patriotism displayed by Hindus and Muslims before and during 1857 war of Independence forced British to follow the policy of Divide and Rule aggressively. Hindu-Muslim living peacefully in India for centuries were pushed for communal divide when first communal riot took place in August 1893 in Mumbai.

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Soon British mastered this art and successfully used in every occasion. Biggest casualty of this was partition of India.

India witnessed its worst communal riots in 1948 after the partition. There was a brief period of lull but this was shattered by Jabalpur (M.P.) riot in 1961. Our opportunist politicians were quick to realise that the policy perused by British can be applied in to-to to rule India. This short cut to power they cherished most. These opportunist parties and politicians are growing strength to strength, after successfully using “Divide and Rule” in local elections and now they are fighting general election on this agenda.

It is in our national interest that these divisive parties and politicians are defeated at earliest. India march to development can not be halted by few selfish souls. Our future will be at stake if we allow unwanted elements to divide us in the name of religion, caste, region and language. Those elements need to be indentified and isolated.

In an effort to highlight our Ganga-Jamuni Tahzeeb, common culture and heritage, TwoCirlcles.net is presenting Unity Circle. In this section we will highlight stories promoting communal harmony.

Hindus, Muslims celebrate ‘Holi Baraat’

Bhagavad Gita studied by Hindus and Muslims in this school

Muharram rituals: Not by Muslims but Hindus

Hindus, Muslims pray at Varanasi for harmony

Muslims defer goat sacrifice to respect Hindu sentiments

Many Muslim women celebrate Chhath

Shareef Chacha, breaking the communal stereotype of Faizabad

Kashmir separatists withdraw shutdown call on Diwali

Ram Lalla’s ‘tailor’ stitches together a story in harmony

Hindus chant to Muslim beats in Himachal temples

In Ayodhya, a temple that is open to all faiths

Human life more important than Mandir-Masjid: Muslim cleric

Garlands of harmony from Ayodhya’s Muslim flower artisans

Muslims raise money for installing goddess idol

India first, mandir, masjid later: Religious leaders

Hindus, Muslims amicably resolve religious dispute

Hindu-Muslim peace marches ahead of Ayodhya verdict

Hindus organize Eid Milan in Jammu

Fervour, gaiety mark Ganesha, Eid festivities in Karnataka

Hindu school celebrates Ramzan

Iftar at a Hindu temple in communally sensitive Krishnapura

Meghnath Bhattacharya: A rozedar Communist

19-yr-old Imran sacrificed his life to save two Hindu boys

A dargah, a Hindu caretaker and hundreds of believers

Kashmir: Muslims greet Hindus on Kheer Bhawani festival

Muslims greet Kashmir’s Hindus at temple festival

Lucknow Muslims setup water stall on Hanuman’s Bada Mangal

Hindus raise money for Muslim girl’s wedding

Muslims help in construction of a Hindu temple in UP

The Importance of Hindu-Muslim Dialogue

Muslims’ participation in non-Muslim festivals and functions

The common bases for Hindu-Muslim dialogue

Muslim varsity alumni give healing touch at Kumbh

United we flourish, divided we perish

AMU alumni set up health camp for Kumbh mela pilgrims

A peace caravan at Kumbh to spread message of Hindu-Muslim unity

Why not use gods of sports to bowl out communalism

Bareilly’s Hindus, Muslims rebuild shrines and peace

Hindu-Muslim unity: a historical speech by a leading Deobandi maulvi

Where Hindus and Muslims pray together

Ahmedabad turns 600: Day to recall Vasant-Rajab sacrifice

Dialogue between Islam & oriental religions must for peace in South Asia

Tulja Bai stood up to mob to save Osman’s family

Muslims want strong, prosperous India; say unity must for it

Ram and Rahim as Good Neighbors

Muslims construct Hindu temple in Bihar

For 40 years, Muslim discourses on Hindu scriptures

Muslims join Hindus to celebrate Chhath in Bihar

Communalizing History: Shivaji and Afzal Khan

‘India’s Muslims, Hindus don’t know about each other’

Hindu or Muslim, they are flocking to Ajmer Sufi shrine

Islamic books generate interests of non-Muslims

Sufi-Sants launch Yatra to curb communalism

Only a united society can take on terrorism, communalism: intellectuals

I respect Islam and Islamic obligation by heart: Justice Katju

Secularism In India — A Brief Study – By Kamaluddin Khan

RSS demands restoration of mosques for prayers!

Pluralism and Communalism

Hindus, Muslims celebrate Lucknow’s ‘Holi Baraat’

Why communalism persists in 21st century India?

Let us rediscover our history of composite culture: Asghar Ali Engineer

President greets nation on Milad-un-Nabi and Holi

Holi – a shared colourful heritage of Hindus, Muslims

India should promote religious harmony abroad: Dalai Lama

A Muslim couple carve Hindu deities out of wheat stalks

India is Darul Aman Mr. Singhal

Muslim man marries off adopted Hindu daughter – to a Hindu

Maha govt announces more FSI for religious structures

Muslim cleric to take Kumbh dip to wash away religious differences

Bahadur Yar Jung and Hindu-Muslim relations

“Jinnah Jaswant Bhai Bhai”

Hindu-Muslim relations in Azamgarh remain intact

Hindu-Muslim unity through religion?

A Hindu police inspector who got a closed mosque reopened after 18 years

An innovative approach to Hindu-Muslim dialogue

Hindu-Muslim unity: a historical speech by a leading Deobandi maulvi

Neither ‘Hindu’ Nor ‘Muslim’ But a Bit of Both: Rajasthan’s Cheeta-Merats

Hindu students of Quran

Time to Ponder over Hindu-Muslim relations

A non-Muslim girl reads Quran and desires to memorise it