Indian government to introduce Bill for Central Investigating Agency

By Xinhua,

New Delhi : The Indian government is in the process of setting up a National Investigating Agency, according to a statement from Indian Home Minister Mr P Chidambaram.

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A bill to this effect is being introduced in the current session of Parliament. The Center is also proposing to introduce a set of bills to strengthen other legal provisions relating to the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of terrorist acts.

Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram said on Thursday 20 counter-insurgency and anti-terrorism schools are being set up in different parts of the country for training the Commando units of the state police forces and India Reserve Battalions are being raised in a number of states with central assistance.

He said, apart from this, steps are also being taken to fill in the vacancies expeditious in the intelligence agencies and provide them with advanced technical equipment. Referring to the role of the National Security Guards (NSG) during the Mumbai mayhem, the Home Minister said that they have displayed exceptional courage and skill in the past as well.

Chidambaram said that the Mumbai terror attacks have brought into sharp focus the vulnerability of the country’s 7,500 kilometers coastline and a decision has been taken in principle to create a Coastal Command.