Irom Sharmila, youth from war zones to join global peace fest

Chandigarh : Manipur's Irom Chanu Sharmila and other civil rights activists, as well as youth from war-ravaged countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, will participate in the 11th edition of the Global Youth Peace Festival (GYPF), which opens here on Wednesday.

Pregnant Dalit woman beaten up in Gujarat

Ahmedabad : A pregnant Dalit woman was attacked by some upper caste people who barged into their home after her family refused to clear animal carcasses from fields in Gujarat's Banaskantha district, police said Saturday. All six accused have been arrested.

The incident was reported from Mota Karja village in Amirgadh taluka in which Nileshbhai Dhunabhai Ranavasia and his family was thrashed on Friday night because they refused to go the fields of the assailants to remove carcass of cattle.

'Migrant' women, children jailed in Assam, NCM writes to Home Ministry

By Md. Asim Khan

New Delhi : Concerned over the indiscriminate detentions of people in Assam on suspicion of being Bangladeshis or Myanmarese, the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) has written to the Union Home Ministry and the state government asking them to intervene.

NCM Member Farida Abdulla Khan visited Assam recently and was "appalled" to find as many as 97 women and 13 children -- caught on suspicion of being Bangladeshis or Myanmarese -- lodged with regular criminals in the Kokrajhar district jail in "total disregard of the rules".


'पार्च्ड' यानी एक पुराने विषय में नयी छौंक

सिद्धांत मोहन, TwoCircles.net

भारत में सिनेमा बदल रहा है और इस तरीके से बदल रहा है कि भारतीय समाज कई दफा उन बदलावों को स्वीकार नहीं कर पाता है. भारत के स्त्री-प्रधान सिनेमा में शेखर कपूर की 'बैंडिट क्वीन' से हलचल आई थी, जिसे एक लहर में बदलने का प्रयास अभी तक जारी है.

लीना यादव की फिल्म 'पार्च्ड'(Parched) उसी कड़ी की एक फिल्म है. जो बेहद तेज़ी से बदलाव बुलाने की कोशिश करती है, लेकिन इतने सीमित आलोक में उसकी गूँज भी बेहद सीमित है.

'पार्च्ड' का मतलब है जला हुआ, झुलसा हुआ या सूखा हुआ.

Muslim woman in Canada ordered to remove hijab in court

Montreal : A Muslim woman in Canada, who was denied a court appearance because of her hijab, sought legal clarification on the rights of Quebecers, who want access to justice while wearing religious attire.

Rania El-Alloul's lawyer appeared in Quebec Superior Court on Thursday seeking a declaratory judgment that would clarify that litigants have the right to wear a hijab or other religious attire in court, Toronto Star reported.

Rajasthan woman beaten with chain to 'free' her of evil spirit

Jaipur : A 32-year-old woman resident of a small village in Rajasamand district of Rajasthan was beaten up severely with an iron chain by a quack on the pretext of freeing her of an evil spirit.

Kasni, a resident of a hamlet near Kumbhalgarh town, over 400 km from state capital Jaipur, was said to be ill for some time. Her family approached a witch doctor, who said she was possessed by an evil spirit and required exorcism.

Why appointing more women Qazis is the need of the hour

By Sheikh Khurshid Alam for TwoCircles.net

अपने अधिकार के लिए संगठित हो रही हैं इस गांव की महिलाएं

TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

मधुबनी (बिहार) : मधुबनी ज़िले के कलुआही प्रखंड के काज़ीटोला व हरपुर के ग्रामीण इन दिनों अपने गावं में हो रही हलचल से काफी खुश हैं. पहली बार यहां की महिलाएं घुंघट और पर्दे के दायरे को पार कर अपना सेल्फ़ हेल्प ग्रुप (SHG) बनाने और उसे चलाने की रणनीति बनाने में मशगूल हैं.

‘मिसाल नेटवर्क’ नामक सामाजिक संस्था के सहयोग से 50 महिलाओं ने मिलकर अब तक पांच समूह बनाये हैं. इन महिलाओं को ‘मिसाल’ की महिला प्रशिक्षक शहरोज़ संगठित होने के फ़ायदे समझा रही हैं और अपना रोज़गार घर पर ही करने के गुण भी बता रही हैं.

Muslim social entrepreneurs infuse fresh vigour in Nagpur’s community development agenda

By Moin Qazi for TwoCircles.net

Nagpur: A new wave of Muslim social entrepreneurs have embarked on path-breaking initiatives in the city with a potential to redefine the community’s social, developmental and educational agenda. A number of innovative initiatives have been launched this year in Vidarbha and their synergy is expected to help the community confront a number of issues.

AAP women MLAs to meet Rajnath, Jung over crimes against women

New Delhi : Women legislators of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will meet Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung and Delhi Police Commissioner Alok Kumar Verma soon over what they said were "increasing cases of crime against women" in the national capital.

Addressing a press conference here, AAP's legislator from Palam constituency Bhavna Gaur said women were not feeling safe while stepping out of their houses in Delhi.