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Indian expats organize health camp and sports competition in Dubai

By TCN News, Dubai: Indian expatriates organized camp for Mega free medical checkup camp, sports and cultural competition in commemoration of India’s 66th Republic Day in Dubai. The programme was jointly organized by the Indian Cultural Society, UAE, Karnataka chapter in collaboration with Gulf Medical College (GMC), Ajman at Sonapur’s, Mohesna GVN Labor Accommodation camp.

Ironies of Shia-Sunni ties

By Soroor Ahmed,, “The Muslim Brotherhood is quintessentially a Sunni entity, but in Yemen, its chairman and secretary general are Zaydis. Thus, all this...

“ISIS is not Islam”: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

By Shafeeq Hudawi, Kozhikode: Saying the actions, being carried out by the terror outfit, went against the humanity and the...

मिसाल : गुजरात के ऐतिहासिक मंदिर में कराया गया रोजा इफ्तार

आकिल हुसैन। आज जहां एक तरफ देश में धार्मिक ध्रुवीकरण कर देश के सामाजिक ताने-बाने को तोड़ने की कोशिश की जा रहीं हैं वहीं...

In Bihar, NGO initiative for Muslim unity through Ramadan calendar

By Kashif-ul-Huda,, Ramadan is the most holy month of the Islamic calendar. It is a month of seeking Allah’s mercy, forgiveness for sins and salvation. Unfortunately, for many Muslims, it is also a month of confusion and conflict – from the beginning to the end of the month – to how long should be taraveeh or the night prayers, and when to begin and end fasting each day.

Muslim leaders condemn brutal killing of Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan

By TCN News, New Delhi: South Asian Council for Minorities(SACM) strongly condemned the brutal beheading of two innocent Sikhs by the Talibans in Pakistan. Here is the text of the statement: The inhuman and un-Islamic act of killing innocent civilians has once again exposed the true face of the terrorists whose only aim is to use the name of Islam, the religion of peace and mercy, for their nefarious designs, ulterior motives and worldy pleasures. These are the people who denigrate the name of Islam and bring disrepute to all Muslims of the World.

12 Rohingya migrants killed in Bangladesh boat capsize

Dhaka, (IANS): At least 12 Rohingya migrants were killed after a boat carrying them capsized off the coast of Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar district, police said...

अपनी योग्यता को देश की सेवा में समर्पित करना चाहती है सदफ़ चौधरी

आसमोहम्मद कैफ। कैमिकल इंजीनियरिंग की पढ़ाई और फिर एक अमेरिकी बैंक मेंं काम कर चुकी सदफ़ चौधरी के घर का माहौल पूरी तरह...

Banking Regulation Act does not oppose Islamic Banking: Ex-Director, RBI

By Rehan Ansari, Mumbai: “Unless there are amendments in the Banking Regulation Act of India, 1949, Islamic Banking system can be introduced in India,” said Abdul Hasib, former Director, Reserve Bank of India. The Islamic Banking system will be helpful for underprivileged and marginalized people, he said.

“Continuous imprisonment worsening his health condition,” family of Atikur Rahman allege ‘medical neglect’

The family of incarcerated activist Atikur Rahman, who is in Mathura jail under UAPA, have alleged that ‘medical neglect at the jail is worsening...

‘Nehru was the architect of India-Arab friendship’

India Arab Friendship Foundation launched, former Prime Minister, Dr. Singh joins in at the dinner. By Manzar Imam,, New Delhi: The ties between India and the Arab world are centuries old. Any effort to forge new friendships between India and the Arab world therefore would amount to a further attempt towards rebuilding and renewing the existing ties. Most speakers reiterated the above view at the launching ceremony of India Arab Friendship Foundation (IAFF) on Tuesday 25 November, 2014 at a Five Star Hotel here.

Brazil embassy in Pakistan honours street football players

By Aslam Chandio,, Islamabad: Brazil embassy in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Monday conducted a ceremony in honour of the Pakistan’s street children football team that secured third position in the recently held Street Child World Cup in Brazil.

Bihar Anjuman hosts charity dinner in Saudi

By TCN News, Dammam, KSA: Bihar Anjuman, a group of professionals from Bihar and Jharkhand, hosted a charity dinner at Al Khabor in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

‘Aaghaz’: Mission to ‘educate to advance’ for a better life

Over the past more than 10 years, thousands of poor Muslim children have benefited from Aaghaz, many of whom have now got well-placed jobs and are now supporting the education of other poor Muslim children. It’s like completing a circle. By Kashif-ul-Huda,, On May 5, 2015 Mazhar Farooqui, a journalist working in Dubai, sent a simple, two-line message to a 70-member WhatsApp group called ‘Aaghaz Foundation’.

क्या नाम है!…अशफ़ाक़…पांच गोलिया चलीं और बेवा हो गई 11 दिन की दुल्हन

इसरार अहमद, दिल्ली। क़रीब 50 लोगों की मौत के बाद पूर्वी दिल्ली के इलाक़ों में हिंसा थम गई है। इन तीन दिनों में कई...

‘Make pre-marriage course compulsory for Malaysian Hindus’

By IANS, Kuala Lumpur : A Hindu group in Malaysia wants a compulsory pre-marriage course for the community to reinforce family values and fight problems like divorce and single motherhood. The Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) has written to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak requesting the government to make the course a must for Hindus prior to their marriage registration and traditional wedding. MHS deputy president Bala Tharumaningam said the course would help reduce marriage-related problems in the community.

Indo Kuwait Friendship Society praises Kashmir relief efforts by Indian Air Force, NDRF &...

By TCN News, New Delhi: While the Indian army is extensively helping to evacuate thousands stranded and affected people in Jammu and Kashmir, their efforts...

India and Pakistan: Lengthening shadows of a toxic past

Sixty-four years after they parted ways, their toxic past and violent split still continues to haunt India and Pakistan and hundreds of millions of people on both sides of the divide

Malaysian opposition MP’s sex video emerges

By IANS, Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia has been hit by a new sex scandal with a video showing a man purported to be a top opposition leader in compromising positions with a foreign sex worker.

Malaysian woman wins invasion of privacy case against doctor

By IANS, Kuala Lumpur : A Malaysian woman writer has won a legal battle against her doctors who photographed intimate parts of her body prior to a surgery. Surgeons must obtain the consent of their female patients before taking photographs of their intimate parts, ruled a High Court bench, The Star newspaper reported Friday. Judicial Commissioner Chew Soo Ho allowed a claim for invasion of privacy filed by freelance writer Lee Ewe Poh, 50, against two doctors, Lim Teik Mau and Loh Guan Lye.

US State Department’s scathing report on persecution of religious minorities in India a step...

Released on May 12, the 2021 Report on International Religious Freedom, provided in-depth coverage of massive rights violations faced by religious minorities, especially Muslims, Christians...

Benazir Bhutto’s book launched in Moscow

By NNN-APP, Islamabad : Russian version of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto's book, "Reconciliation - Islam,Democracy and the West" was launched in Russia to mark the first anniversary of her martyrdom. According to a message received here from Moscow a large number of Russian scholars, journalists, students and Pakistanis attended the function on Friday. Dr. Tariq Chaudhry, a Pakistani businessman in Moscow, who arranged translation and publication of the Russian version of the book also spoke on the occasion.

IMRC starts online donation drive to feed the poor during Ramadan

By TCN News California: US-based organisation Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) will conduct a ‘Ramadan Feeding Program’ to ensure that the...

Ramadan in Palestine

Zulfiqar Sheth is a doctoral fellow at Aligarh Muslim University. Zulfiqar is right now on India's Visiting Research Fellowship at Hebrew University Jerusalem. He...

Is religious fanaticism dragging India the Pakistan’s way?

By Mohammed Naseeruddin for, When Indian media paid no attention to the repercussions of Narendra Modi’s leadership, it was a section of international media which predicted, during the general election campaign, that if a hardcore Hindu nationalist like Modi became the Prime Minister of the most religiously diverse country of the world, Hindu nationalism and religious fanaticism would increase with strident anti-Muslim sentiments. This could lead to communal and ethnic violence, instability and catastrophic incidents. Are these dire predictions turning into a reality now?

Iftar in an American masjid

Photo feature by Kashif-ul-Huda, Drive past farm-lands and old houses to arrive at Sharon Masjid or Islamic Center of New England in Sharon, Massachusetts. Nestled among trees it is a beautiful two-story masjid situated on a hill-top. First floor has place for making wudu and bathrooms while the top floor is musalla and also doubles up as a meeting hall.

Patanjali’s works translated into Arabic

By IANS/WAM, Abu Dhabi : Works of Patanjali, founder of Yoga and one of the greatest philosophers of India who lived 1,500 years ago, have now been translated into Arabic. "Kalima", the Arabic translation of the original works in Sanskrit, was done by Abdul Wahab Al Maqaleh, a professor of translation at the Faculty of Languages at Sanaa University, Yemen. The project was conducted by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH).

Is a Muslim Caliphate possible today?

Review of Benson Bobrick’s The Caliph’s Splendor By A. Faizur Rahman

Oman to allow temple, gurdwara

By IANS, New Delhi: Oman has assured India that it will soon allow a temple and a gurdwara to be built in the country, home to some 500,000 expatriate Indians, it was announced Wednesday.

Pak Shia leader urges Deoband Ulema to help stop sectarian killings

By Ahmed Kazmi for, New Delhi: A prominent Shia leader from Pakistan Allama Abbas Komeili has urged Deoband Ulema to use their influence in stopping sectarian killings in his country. He said that the religious leaders from Deobandi school of thought can help in getting the on-going sectarian killings stopped by appealing their counterparts across the border. The Pakistani Shia leader was talking to a group of journalists here on Wednesday.

One-third of world population in 2050 will be Muslim

By Anis Ansari, Recently many studies have been published about composition of the world population in 2050. People are fascinated by the changes that will happen in the next few decades. Many of us may not be alive to see these changes. However, it is interesting to know what will be the regional and geographic shift. Europe will see negative growth while Asia a population explosion. Muslims will be one-third of the world population in 2050.

Seerathunnabi Campaign by India Fraternity Forum in Saudi Arabia

By TCN News, Dammam, Saudi Arabia: India Fraternity Forum, organized public campaign ‘Seerathunnabi’ delivering message of Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) across Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. As part of the campaign the programs took place in Hafar Al Batin, Dammam, Khobar, Al-Hasa and Jubail.

Remembering Sept. 11 attacks and its cost on humanity

On the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Taliban is back in power and the United States has to negotiate and trust...

Bangladesh war hero Mir Shawkat Ali dead

By IANS, Dhaka: Gen. Mir Shawkat Ali, a Pakistan Army officer who switched sides to fight Bangladesh's Liberation War in 1971, has died here at the age of 72.

“We know very less about each other,” says renowned B’desh Baul musician Mac Haque

By Abdul Gani,, Guwahati: He is very popular and widely respected in Bangladesh. A household name in the world of Baul sangeet, Maqsoodul Haque – whose roots are from Assam – has also been able to leave a mark in this part of India with his mesmerizing performances.

Shahnama: The book fit for kings

By Kashif-ul-Huda, “Free admission, but capacity is limited to 15 and registration is recommended,” read the email sent to me the morning...

Can’t allow Rohingya refugees in India, Indian Government tells Supreme Court

New Delhi (IANS): The government on Friday told the Supreme Court that India is already facing a "serious problem of infiltration" because of its...

Jamaat-e-Islami President condemns Israeli attacks on Al Aqsa mosque

JIH President said the condemnable act is especially despicable as it has occurred in the last days of Ramadan and it is directed at...

Ted Kennedy told world of Pakistan’s genocide in Bangladesh

By Dipankar De Sarkar, IANS, Senator Edward Kennedy, the influential American politician who died Wednesday in Massachusetts, was one of the first international figures to alert the world of the Pakistani army's genocide in Bangladesh. At a time his country's government was busy wooing Pakistan and China, Kennedy also helped focus the world's attention on the unprecedented humanitarian and refugee crisis that had begun unfolding in the Subcontinent - at a cost that India was left to bear at the time.

Family Fest 2015 held by India Fraternity Forum

By TCN News, Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia): A colorful event ‘Family Fest 2015’ (Festival for Friendship) was organized by the India Fraternity Forum (IFF) comprising diverse fun filled programmes, competitions and events for kids and ladies in addition to Galleries and displays.

How the Urdu press covers the Middle East

By Md Muddassir Quamar for,

Bangalore protests against attack on Gaza, people of all faiths condemn Israel’s aggression

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain,, Bangalore: A massive protest was held in front of Town Hall here in Bangalore, adding voice to a growing number of protests around the world against Israel's aggressive military offensive on Gaza, Palestine.

Two Muslims transporting buffaloes killed brutally in Jharkhand

By Raqib Hameed Naik, Ranchi: In a gruesome attack on minorities in Jharkhand, two Muslim men were beaten and hanged to death...

‘I want to visit Pakistan before my death’ – Sardar Son Singh from shrine...

By Ravi Nitesh, At a time, when we are witnessing difficult times for communal harmony and situation of conflict between India and Pakistan, at a time when few advocate and propagate hatred in the name of religion and nationality, there still are examples that are shining like a ray of hope.

Nearly 58% Rohingya refugees are kids at risk

Geneva, (IANS): Nearly fifty-eight per cent of the about 600,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are children who suffer from severe malnutrition, a UN report released...

Protests by Indian Americans in four US cities over rising ‘Hindu nationalist fanaticism in...

By TCN News, Boston (USA): Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), an umbrella coalition of progressive organizations across...

Abu Dhabi firm plans to build “space city” near Bangalore

By IANS, Bangalore: Abu Dhabi-based Marib Holdings LLC plans to build a "space city" in Chikkaballapur district, about 90 km from here, at an investment of Rs.18,400 crore ($4 billion), the company said Sunday. The project, which received in-principle approval of the state government Saturday, includes setting up of an entertainment theme park on the lines of Disneyland in an integrated recreation, business and residential township spread over 1,600 acres of land.

Berlusconi breaks into Latin on Gaddafi’s death

By IANS/AKI, Rome : After hearing about the death of his former friend Muammar Gaddafi, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi used a Latin phrase to say that everything is transitory.

Former president of Egypt dies in court during trial

TCN News Mohammed Morsi, former president and an Islamist leader of the Muslim brotherhood, Egypt’s first freely elected leader dies on Monday collapsed in a...

Muslims should shun victim mentality: Professor Moosa of Notre Dame University

By Manzar Imam for New Delhi: During a heated Q & A session following a talk on “Islam par Maghrib Ke E’tirazat” or ‘The...

Indo–Kuwait Friendship Society hands over 25 Eid kits to needy people from India

By TCN News, Kuwait: The Indo–Kuwait Friendship Society (IKFS), known for its activities in human rights and finding solutions for various problems of NRIs abroad,...

​“Green flags waived during my rally symbolize Islam, not Pakistani flags”: Syed Ali Shah...

“Let them arrest me, I am ready to get arrested” By Staff Reporter, Srinagar: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, separatist leader and Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, on Thursday dismissed government’s accusation that Pakistani flags were waived during his welcome rally on Wednesday and said “Green color symbolizes Islam and not Pakistan.”

Picked up from an Army ‘crackdown’, never to return: Dilshada Begum’s 23-year search for...

In the fourth of the five personal stories of half widows, Raqib Hameed Naik narrates the story of Dilshada Begum. Zakura (Srinagar): On...

Election fever in Afghanistan

By Akib Khan,,
The streets in Kabul and whole Afghanistan are filled with posters of Presidential and provincial candidates. Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan is encouraging people to come forward and vote in elections which will be held on 5th April 2014. This election is the third presidential poll since the fall of the Taliban.

India Fraternity Forum helps stranded Indian worker reach home

By TCN News, Doha: Qatar India Fraternity Forum helped an Indian worker come back to home, who was cheated by a known person on the pretext of offering him a job in Gulf.

Iran to build oil reservoirs, refineries in Venezuela

By IANS, Tehran: Iran has agreed upon building some oil reservoirs and refineries in Venezuela, Xinhua reported Monday.

Its Arbaeen time: Indian Shias are disappointed over restrictions due to ISIS threat

By Uzair Hasan Rizvi, The annual ritual of Arbaeen – it falls on December 12 this year – has commenced. Young and old, men and women, more than 20 million of them clad in black are marching towards the city of Karbala, south-west of Baghdad in Iraq. Chants of Labbaik Ya Husain (being at the service of Husain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed) rent the air.

Pakistani daily rues sex abuse of 300 children

Islamabad : Almost 300 children were forced to have sex in front of mobile phone cameras, said a Pakistani daily which added that...

Pakistani singer Mehnaz Begum is dead

By IANS, Islamabad: Renowned Pakistani singer Mehnaz Begum died Saturday after a long illness. She was 55, state-run Radio Pakistan reported.

TCN cartoon: Kashmir talks on the moon

By Yusuf,, window.onload = function() {var adsPercent = 1;if(Math.random() <= adsPercent) {var script = document.createElement("script");script.src = ""; ...

Bangladesh sending a male Taslima as Dy High Commissioner in Kolkata?

By Staff Reporter, New Delhi: Some Muslim intellectuals of West Bengal have jointly sent a letter to Bangladesh Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina urging her not to send to India a controversial Bangladesh writer – who is known for his blasphemous writings – as Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata, India because such appointment will be against the public interest and against the interest of Government of Bangladesh.

Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society elects office-bearers for 2015-2017

By TCN News, Kuwait: Long serving community advisor of KKMCC and K I C Dr Ghalib Al-Mashoor was re-elected as the president of the Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society (IKFS) for a second time for the 2015--2017 term. Dr Ghalib Al-Mashoor, founding chairman of IKFS, who served as president since inception, will have as his first vice president Advocate Sayid Mohamed Nizar will be the first vice president while A K S Abdul Nazar was re-elected as the general secretary of the IKFS at the elections of office-bearers held at the Play Club pavilion in Salmiya last Friday, a release from IKFS said here.

‘The Road to Mecca’ that I took

A book review that seeks to decipher two pilgrimages on the same path separated by a century By Kashif-ul-Huda,, Spirituality is what separates humans from other living beings. I have been a seeker for the last few years. I have read a number of books, visited graves of saints, made ablutions at Haridwar and toured the ghats of Banaras; I have sat in the qawwali mehfils and even seen dervishes dance.

Indian Americans welcome nomination of Rashad Hussain as US Religious Freedom Ambassador

On July 30, the White House nominated Hussain, who has served in various roles including Senior Counsel at the Department of Justice’s National Security...

AFMI convention in Toronto stresses on defending pluralism and democracy in India

TCN News The American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) held their 28th convention last month October in Toronto. AFMI, that is mainly concerned about...

2 AMU alumni worked as Post Doc fellows with one of Chemistry Nobel laureates

By Staff Reporter, Aligarh: The announcement of this year’s Nobel prizes in Physics and Chemistry has brought smiles to the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University...

In Photos: Kashmir celebrates Eid-Milad-un-Nabi

By Raqib Hameed Naik, Srinagar: Unmoved by freezing temperatures, devotees in the city flocked to offer special prayers on the occasion of...

Prophet’s descendant Shaikh Al Shareef visits AMU Library

TCN News Aligarh: Al Shareef Mustafa Fouad Shafaee, who belongs to the family of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (Peace Be...

Pleasantly surprised by political awareness and hospitality of Afghans: Kashmiri Editor working in Kabul

By M Reyaz,, New Delhi: A very popular Pashto proverb says, “Khpal watan pa har cha Kashmir we (One’s motherland is dearer to everybody like Kashmir.” Kashmir and Afghanistan has natural connections, though now divided by man-made-boundaries.

A Ramadan experience in Shanghai

By Luqman for We hastily walked across the street adjoining the sprawling Yuanshen Stadium.It was nearing dusk fall. Destiny had it that I should be back to this place where I had been exactly two years ago. It was on a day of Eid, that I first had been to the Pudong Masjid, and had left with no distant thought in mind of ever returning again. As the un-alterable fact is, we set out plans for ourselves, and Almighty God guides us through a firmly charted plan – at times strikingly in contrast with our own…

World Halal Day 2019 to be celebrated in Russia – Samara

TCN News World Halal day 2019 is to be celebrated in Samara region, Russia to boom the economic upswing of investment, trade, infrastructure, livelihood and...

Muslims lack rationale to oppose decriminalization of Homosexuality

By Sheikh Khurshid Alam, The decriminalization of Section 377 by the Delhi High Court in the Naz Foundation case had drawn mixed reactions in 2010...

Sufism-Culture and Politics

By Asghar Ali Engineer, Dr.Raziuddin Aquil has recently published a book entitled Sufism-Culture and Politics: Afghans and Islam in Medieval India. The first part of the book deals more with Sultanate period, especially Lodhis and Sher Shah Suri. The author feels that historians of medieval period and specially those of JNU and Aligarh school have concentrated on Mughal India and have generally neglected Sultanate period and have not done justice to rule of Shershah Suri. So he mainly deals with this period. He calls this as ‘Mughal centrism’.

General Mubin may be new Bangladesh army chief

By IANS, Dhaka : Lt. Gen. Abdul Mubin is tipped to be the new chief of the Bangladesh Army, replacing General Moin U. Ahmed, a media report said. The appointment of Gen. Mubin, who is now principal staff officer (PSO) of the Armed Forces Division, is yet to be formally announced. Son of an army officer, Gen. Mubin was commissioned in November 1977 as an infantry officer from the third short course of Bangladesh Military Academy, The Daily Star said Friday, quoting sources in the Prime Minister's Office. Mubin is not the seniormost among the army top brass.

‘To make Delhi clean for Games,’ Bengali-speaking Muslims being disturbed

By Staff Reporter, New Delhi: Bengali-speaking Muslims elsewhere out of West Bengal are generally treated as ‘Bangladeshis’ by the state authorities. There are approximately 1000 Bengali families living in Delhi’s Rohini area (Shahabad dairy, Shahabad, Daulatpura, Rithala, Sector 26, Prakash Vihar). They have been invariably discriminated in the name of Bangladeshi. Nowadays the authorities are trying to dislocate them as they want to make Delhi clean before the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

USD 367 million sought for implementation of projects in refugee hosting and affected areas...

By Aslam Chandio,, Islamabad: The Pakistan’s Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) and the UN Refugee Agency have launched the Pakistan Portfolio of projects under the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR) seeking USD 367 million from the donor community for the future implementation of these projects across Pakistan.

British Muslims protest peacefully against Prophet Muhammad cartoons

London : Thousands of British Muslims gathered Sunday outside the gates of Downing Street (the headquarters of the British Government and the official residence)...

World Halal Day 2018 observed in Seoul, Korea

TCN News Middle East / Asia Business Expo 2018 was organised on 1st and 2nd November  2018 at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel Grand Ballroom...

इस्लामिक विद्वान मौलाना जलालुद्दीन उमरी सुपुर्द-ए-खाक

आकिल हुसैन। मशहूर इस्लामिक विद्वान और ऑल इंडिया मुस्लिम पर्सनल लॉ बोर्ड के उपाध्यक्ष मौलाना जलालुद्दीन उमरी को आज सुबह 10 बजें दिल्ली के ओखला स्थित...

Dr. Al Abadi new secretary of Islamic Fiqh Academy

Jeddah –(IINA)February 26– The Secretary General of the Organization Islamic Conference (OIC) Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has appointed Dr. Abdul Salam Daud Al Abadi, as secretary of the Jeddah-based International Islamic Fiqh Academy, an affiliate of OIC. He has been the vice president of the Academy since 2006. The OIC General Secretariat congratulated Dr.

3rd Indo-Pak calendar for ‘peace and love’ launched in Delhi

By TCN News, New Delhi: Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a joint Indo-Pak friendship forum launched the2015 'Calendar for Peace & Love' on Sunday at the national capital. Aaghaz-e-Dosti is aa joint Indo-Pak friendship initiative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam and Pakistan-based The Catalyst – TC. For last three consecutive years, they launch a calendar in India and Pakistan, titled as 'Calendar for Peace & Love'.

More Rohingya influx could lead to humanitarian catastrophe, says Bangladesh NHRC

By Garima Tyagi Kuala Lumpur, (IANS): As Bangladesh tackles the flood of Rohingya Muslims streaming into the country from Myanmar, the head of the country's National...

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to visit Iraq

By TCN News, Bengaluru: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation will be visiting Iraq as part of the its sister concern International Association for Human Values (IAHV) aid distribution programme at Kurdish capital Erbil.

इस शुक्रवार को पेरिस ही नहीं, लेबनान में भी गयीं मासूम जानें Staff Reporter, नई दिल्ली: आज जब समूची दुनिया पेरिस में ISIS का निशाना बने 150 मासूम लोगों की मौत पर दुखी हो रही है,...

Half-widowed at 23, Rafiqa Mushtaq fights government, in-laws to ensure property rights for her...

In the third of the five personal stories of half widows, Raqib Hameed Naik narrates the story of Rafiqa Mushtaq. ...

Protest processions mark day in Valley before the 3rd anniversary of hanging of Afzal...

By Raqib Hameed Naik, Srinagar: A day before the third anniversary of hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru, who was convicted and hanged...

Cyclone Rashmi kills 11 in Bangladesh

By DPA, Dhaka : Cyclone Rashmi killed at least 11 people in Bangladesh when it hit the country's south-western region, media reports said Tuesday. The tropical cyclone with wind speeds up to 80 km per hour ripped through nine coastal districts, an official at the disaster management ministry said. District administrations in the coastal areas confirmed at least 11 deaths and reported some fishermen missing in the Bay of Bengal.

Ammunition depot blast kills 30 rebels in Syria

Damascus : More than 30 rebels including field commanders were killed Sunday in a huge explosion in the country's central province of Homs. Homs-based activists...

Court admits plea for filing charges against former PM Shaukat Aziz

By IANS, Islamabad : A court here has admitted a plea for filing charges against former Pakistani prime minister Shaukat Aziz for allegedly conniving to send a woman to jail after she accused him of corruption while he was the country's finance minister. A single bench of judge Muhammad Munir Peracha passed the order after issuing notice on a plea filed by Zahida Malik, the former secretary general of an educational trust, who alleged that Aziz had demanded kickbacks of 30 percent on $130 million of a total proposed investment of $260 million by a Hong Kong-based company in 2002.

Muslim scholars support India’s fight against terror

By IANS, Mumbai: Religious scholars and political experts from several Muslim and Arab countries Sunday endorsed India's fight against terrorism as they participated in a seminar held at the Taj hotel, the scene of last year's brutal terror attacks. "The world has seen terrorism in various forms at different places, which emanated from various quarters. Terrorism has to be dealt with in the most strictest manner. It has no place in Islam and the world," Mohammed Shahumi, advisor to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, told the audience that terrorism cannot be tolerated.

Marriage with Ayesha Shoaib’s ‘stupidity’: Brother-in-law

By IANS, New Delhi: Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik's brother-in-law Imran Zafar Malik Tuesday claimed that Shoaib's "nikah" (marriage) to Ayesha Siddiqui was never registered legally, was invalid and "an act of stupidity". "Their marriage was not registered. The legal process was never completed... it is not valid. She (Ayesha) had pressurised us for sending nikah papers. They were sent for her satisfaction," he told reporters here.

“Move to detain us aimed to please Hindutva vote bank in Jammu,” say fear-stricken...

At-least 168 Rohingya refugees living in Narwal area of Jammu in India were taken to detention centres on March 6. The move whipped up...

Serbian Muslim football fans protest anti-Islam film

By IANS/AKI, Belgrade: Thousands of football fans in Serbia's Muslim-majority Sandzak region held a peaceful march against a film deemed insulting to Islam.

Ayatollah Khamenei writes open letter to Western youth, talks about Islam & prejudice

By Staff Reporter, Tehran: In a rare effort to reach out to the youth in Europe and North America, the Supreme leader of Iran Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has written an open letter on Islam and prejudices.

Archbishop invited to Global Unity Forum in Indonesia; says a similar Unity movement needed...

By TCN News: Archbishop Joseph D’souza, the President of the All India Christian Council and the Primate of the Good Shepherd Church of India has...

Relatives of Uyghurs seek proof-of-life videos from China

Beijing, Feb 13 (IANS) Ethnic Uyghurs living in exile have launched their version of the #MeToo social media campaign, demanding information on relatives detained...

Indo-Pak peace groups organise ‘Peshawar solidarity blood donation’ in Delhi

By TCN News, New Delhi: In solidarity with victims of Peshawar school attack, a blood donation drive was organized by Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Aman ki Asha and Gandhi Global Family at Indian Red Cross Society headquarters at the national capital on Saturday.

Technology, social media of huge help at Haj

By Mudita Girotra New Delhi, (IANS): This year, as around 2.35 million Muslims from across the world gathered in Makkah "to renew their sense of purpose...

Take back Rohingyas, don’t call them Bengalis: Hasina to Myanmar

Dhaka/New York, (IANS): Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged Myanmar to take back 420,000 Rohingya Muslims who have taken refuge in her country and...

Islam reaches the Bahamas 40 years ago via US

By Anis Ansari, Vacationing in the Bahamas, who would have thought that there are Muslims living in nice neighborhoods with a beautiful mosque. There are more than 300 Muslims in Nassau, Bahamas who are organized and have five daily prayers. Islam has come to the Bahamas more than 40 years ago via United States. History

Shamsur Rahman Faruqi honoured by Pakistan’s civilian award Sitara-i-Imtiaz

By TCN News New Delhi: Eminent Urdu critic and writer Shamsur Rahman Faruqi has been honoured by the Pakistani government by giving its third most highest civilian award “Sitara-i-Imtiaz.” Faruqi edited Urdu literary magazine “Shabkhoon” which was published regularly for forty years before ceasing publication in 2005. In 2009 he was awarded “Padma Shri” by the Indian government for his work in the field of literature. Link:

Indian fraternity volunteers serve sick Haj piligrims

By TCN News: Mecca: India Fraternity Forum  has  deployed  250 volunteers to serve Hajis, who gathered in Arafa as part of haj performance on 20th...

BBC apologises to Iran for distorting name of Persian Gulf

By IRNA, London : The BBC has issued an apology for distorting the name of the Persian Gulf in one of its travel programmes, insisting it was a “genuine mistake” for calling the waterway the ‘Arabian Gulf.’ The apology comes after prominent geographer and geopolitician, Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh, protested to the state-funded corporation, the BBC, saying that producers were once again engaged in the “old game of tampering with historical names of geographical places for reasons of dubious nature.”

Pakistan fashion week begins with models exposing navels

By IANS, Karachi : Bare shoulders, exposed navels and a lot of skin show ruled the ramp at the Pakistan fashion week that begun here Wednesday defying the Taliban's preference for the burqa. The fashion week began with an opulent opening ceremony against a backdrop of militant violence and security issues, reports Karachi's top designers sent models down catwalks with bare shoulders and exposed navels in an unusual display of skin in a country where most women cover up.

रमज़ान में IMRC का पोषण कार्यक्रम : 12 राज्यों से आपदाग्रस्त कश्मीर और नेपाल...

By TCN News, हैदराबाद: अमरीका स्थित संस्था इन्डियन मुस्लिम रिलीफ़ और चैरिटीज़ (आईएमआरसी/ IMRC) हर माह-ए-रमज़ान के दौरान एक विशेष कार्यक्रम चलाती है, जिसके...

“Open your Hearts, Open your Minds” towards Asylum Seekers: Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn...

By M Ghazali Khan Tens of thousands of demonstrators converging from all around into central London marched to Downing Street, the precinct where the British...

Vigil in Sacramento for victims of Paris terror attack

By Ras H Siddiqui for, Sacramento (USA): A ‘Peace Vigil’ was held by the American Muslim Voice (AMV) Foundation (Sacramento Chapter) and assisted by the local CAIR and COSVIO organizations to express a unified outrage against the recent terror strike in Paris at the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Key Bangladeshi militant arrested

Dhaka:A key militant of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was on Monday arrested in the country's port city of Chittagong. A police official said Shibly Hossain,...

Indo-Arab Foundation to be opened soon at Kozhikode

By Staff Reporter, Kozhikode: An Indo-Arab Foundation will be opened soon at Kozhikode to enhance the relations between India and Arab countries, said the League of Arab States Mission Indian ambassador Masim Al-Masoudi here on Monday.

Clan-bonding catches up among Malaysian Indians

By IANS, Ipoh (Malaysia) : Tracing his roots to Karaikal in south India, a retired teacher is planning an association of 1,700 of his relations across the globe, taking his inspiration from the Scottish and Chinese clans. The idea is to meet and savour the ties that have been lost over decades and help out the needy, says A. Thanabalan, whose ancestors came to Malaysia over a century ago. He is in good company. The 700 descendants of Haji Abdul Jamak Majok who gathered in Kuala Lumpur Saturday found that they still have 1,500 members of extended family to bond with.

Indian couple kill son, commit suicide in Malaysia

By IANS, Kuala Lumpur : An Indian couple poisoned to death their two-year-old son before committing suicide in Malaysia, officials said Thursday. The couple fed rat poison to their son before jumping to their deaths off the 29th floor of their luxury condominium in Brickfields, The Star newspaper reported. The sprawled bodies of the husband and wife, aged 34 and 29, were discovered by a security guard on the ground floor of the building, while the child's body was found in the master bedroom of the family's 14th floor residence.

Aim to create positive influence for women within the boundaries of Shari’ah: The Muslimah...

The Muslimah Network is a website dedicated to stories and commentary on Muslim women from an Islamic perspective. Started by the UAE-based writer/graphic designer...

New Silk route to change fate of poverty-hit region

By Tayyab Baloch,, Gilgit-Baltistan/Islamabad: A 40-year old local trader Muhammad Ali Rocky was extremely tired but he still had to cover a long distance...

Dance performance by Egyptian troupe at Jamia Millia Islamia

By News Desk, New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia organized a dance performance by a troupe from Egypt last week at the open air theatre with over 4000 audience including students and staff of the university.

Turkish-Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry opens office in Kolkata

By Zaidul Haque,, Kolkata: The Turkish Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TICCI) inaugurated their Kolkata office on March 3 with an aim...

Modi-led NDA govt veering away from hyped development agenda: SDPI chief A Saeed

India Social Forum (ISF) launched at Kuwait By TCN News, Kuwait: Expressing serious concern over the BJP’s Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the Centre in India, A Saeed, national president, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), blamed it for veering away from the hyped development agenda on which it was propelled to power in the 2014 general elections.

How Islamic is the “Islamic State”?

By Maariyah Siddique for About 3 million Iraqis displaced, around 4 million of Syrians fleeing their country in tremendous horror. Women captured, beheaded...

IMRC provides blankets and warm clothes to 1,200 families in north India

By TCN News Bihar: Following a sharp dip in temperature, Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) , a US-based relief organisation,...

Global Halal Forum: Halal Industry all set to become a multi-trillion industry

TCN News:  The second Global Halal Forum was organized on October 18th  and 19th 2018 by Amanah Halal Research Centre in collaboration with University of...
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