Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kerala: New parties, new strategies


Bihar priest beaten for pushing Dalit woman out of temple

Patna: A priest was beaten up by a group of men after he pushed a Dalit woman and forcibly stopped her from offering prayers...

Ramabai Nagar: 17 Years, 11 deaths, 26 injured and Justice is still awaiting

By Yogesh Maitreya, Daisy Katta, “That firing was something as if it was firing of India and Pakistan war” said Bhante Kashyap, reminiscently, one of the eye witnesses of Ramabai Nagar homicide of 1997, in the heartland locality of Mumbai, Ghatkopar East. Another narrator and also an eye witness of this arrogantly brutal massacre of Dalits in Ramabai Nagar, has depicted how thirteen years old boy had been shot dead by police’s bullet hitting his skull and splintered it in two pieces. Few more eye witnesses as well as victims, after seventeen years of the incidence have gathered courage to come up on the stage, provided by ‘Ramabai Nagar Hatyakand Sangharsh Samitee’ at their arranged conference at Ramabai Nagar, on the seventeenth anniversary of this incidence.

Amnesty’s annual report criticizes India for ‘growing intolerance’

By Staff Reporter, New Delhi: Amnesty International in its annual report released today has accused India of supporting a climate of intolerance by cracking...

Bengal to form Scheduled Caste Advisory Council soon

Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), (IANS): The West Bengal government will soon set up a Scheduled Caste Advisory Council, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced here on...

The problem of Rape: Why India is still failing?

By Aabid Ali Haider for, The brutal and harrowing rapes in Kerala have revealed that women in India are unsafe when it comes to...

V.K. Singh stirs row with ‘dog’ remark, clarifies

New Delhi : Union minister V.K. Singh on Thursday triggered a huge row when he spoke of a dog's stoning while commenting on...

Why BAPSA’s support to Muslim Right is problematic: Part Two

Intro: This is the second in a three-part series on how Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Organisation (BAPSA) has, while effectively countering Savarna...

Banaras weavers to showcase their products at Dilli Haat

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Dalits demand inclusion of Buddhists in SC Sub-Plan in Maharashtra

By Yogesh Maitreya, Mumbai: The ‘Dalit Adivasi Adhikar Andolan (DA3)’ has demanded from the National Commission for Scheduled Caste to direct Maharashtra government to...

‘Summary and Recommendations’ of the Kundu Committee

By TCN News, New Delhi: The Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, presented its final report to Dr Najma Heptullah, the Union Minister for Minority Affairs. The Centre has not yet clarified whether it has accepted the recommendations of the Kundu Committee, as it later came to be known as.

Why Dalit organisations stopped Bandaru Dattatreya and NDA’s celebrations in Nanded

By Shiva Thorat, Nanded: Over the past couple of months, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has spent considerable time and resources in celebrating two...

Already 50% communist India needs new monetary regime

Ref:- Jurisdictionally confused India will have to adopt genuine federalism.

Dear Sir

Amidst the hullabaloo of last week's Indian share market crises (where in the face of allegedly ailing US economy, SENSEX again crashed heavily with attended heart burns in secondary market and primary market also faced problems as the IPO of reputed companies were either withdrawn or caused heavy losses to investors) the people have generally ignored a very important & unfortunate development i.e. last week's media coverage of :-

Dalits still living in fear in Haryana village: Report

By IANS, New Delhi : Days after a girl was raped and her father committed suicide, Dalit residents of Haryana's Dabra village are still afraid of letting their daughters go out.

Delhi group to send Fact Finding team to investigate Bihar gang rape of Mahadalit...

By TCN News, Patna: A fact finding team of the Delhi Solidarity Group will investigate between November 6 and 8 the recent gang rape of six Mahadalit women, four of them minors, in Bihar’s Bhojpur district. Six women, four of them teenagers, from Dumaria village belonging to the Mahadalit community were gang-raped at gun point by three men in Kurmuri village on October 8. The medical examination of the women has confirmed they were sexually assaulted. A former member of Ranvir Sena allegedly raped the women with two of his associates.

And now, a Mayawati temple

By IANS, Lucknow : If all goes well, Uttar Pradesh will soon get a temple dedicated to Chief Minister and Dalit icon Mayawati, whose statues already dot the sprawling state. The temple is proposed to be erected in the poverty-stricken Mahoba district in Bundelkhand, economically the most backward region in Uttar Pradesh. It will come up in Natpura village, about 300 km from here. "Of course, we are planning to install her idol in the temple that will come up on my private land," Kanaihya Lal, a Mahoba-based lawyer, told IANS over telephone.

In Ambedkar University, an afternoon of Dalit assertion and pride with Ginni Mahi

By Pritam Singh Tinna, Music events are part and parcel of every University campus, but on February 1, the Ambedkar University campus students witnessed...

Worshipping Gods in the times of Elections

By Ram Puniyani, Arun Shourie, who was part of NDA, a fellow traveler and an ideologue of BJP wrote several books, many of them against minorities and dalits in particular. One of these which was strongly protested against by large sections of people, dalits in particular, was his “Worshipping False Gods”. In this book he expressed the mind set of RSS-BJP politics towards Ambedkar. In this long bulky volume he was heavily critical of Ambedkar’s ideology, his agitations for democratic values and his struggles for social justice. Now a decade and half later on one side many a dalit leaders, Ramvilas Paswan, Udit Raj, Ramdas Athwaley are vying to sit in the lap of the politics of BJP for apparently their own personal gains on one side and on the other the BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi is going miles to woo the sections of dalits. It is another matter that while doing this in his usual trade mark style he has no qualms about misrepresenting the events, speaking lies and putting the blame of all that has not taken place to his political adversaries.